We are a diverse team of passionate and globalised professionals based in Singapore committed to simplifying your complex business problems and turning it into an opportunity.

At Yingke Consulting, unlocking potential and creating a positive change is part of our DNA. Working closely with our clients across the globe, we embrace a transformational approach that ensures familiarity and a lasting relationship that benefits all stakeholders. For us – empowering organizations to grow, building a sustainable competitive advantage, and driving a positive societal impact is key in helping our clients evolve.

We are affiliated with Yingke Law Firm, a global law firm with over 10,000 lawyers and legal professionals headquartered in Beijing, China – whose network of 52 states and 104 international cities forms a service platform aimed at serving the business and legal needs of our clients all around the world.


Our values are an essential part of our culture. These are the values that define us as a company and global team player.

High Integrity

Honesty, integrity, and fairness is at the core of our business, and we aspire to ensure transparency in all our conduct and business activities.

Making a Difference

The world we live in belongs to everyone, which is why we strongly value the promotion of safety and harmony between the environment, communities, and local cultures across the globe.

Mutual Trust

Our clients are everything to us, and integration remains a key aspect in ensuring mutual respect and trust amongst one another.


We understand the value of our employees and fostering a collaborative and supportive environment is an essential part of ensuring the best service for both ourselves,
and our clients.

Reimagining Possibilites

Evolution is a continuous process, making innovation and challenging the status quo an important part of
growing our future.


With a global network of professionals skilled in a diverse range of industries, our people are inherently our best assets.

Equipped with the expertise and knowledge to provide you with the best advice possible, we’ll personalise every detail to your desired needs.